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Fusion Peel For All

  • 30 min
  • $ 85
  • Gunn Highway

Description du service

Removes the outermost layers of skin without causing intense discomfort or irritation. Minimizing risk, downtime, and pain - Fusion Peel is perfect for EVERYONE. Lifts off dead skin, destroys unwanted epidermal cells. Dissolves oil, cellular debris, and blockages. DOWNTIME: Mild/Moderate - The Fusion peel has little to no downtime and will produce light peeling, similar to the peeling you would get after a mild sunburn. The peeling will normally start on day 4 or 5 and last up to 7 days. You may experienced some frosting during the peeling process. Tighten and brighten every two weeks with the following key ingredients: SALICYLIC ACID A keratolytic and comedolytic agent that helps skin cells shed more readily, open clogged pores, neutralize bacteria and promote healthy cells. TCA ACID A peeling agent that helps dissolve the proteins from dead skin cells and other contaminants that cause unhealthy, wrinkled, damaged & sagging looking skin. RESORCINOL Helps remove rough, scaly skin via its keratolytic action making it useful in targeting skin blemishes, redness, marks, scars and flaky skin while also addressing discoloration and age damage. GLYCOLIC ACID The primary Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) used in chemical exfoliation that helps improve the skin's overall appearance, tone and texture. LACTIC ACID An AHA, lactic acid is generally used to treat skin that is tolerant to glycolic acid, pigmented, uneven, dehydrated or in need of maintenance. FRUIT ENZYME COMPLEX Enzymes work by helping break down dead skin, contaminants & pollution, resulting in the removal of the outermost layer of epidermal cells. Skin is left smooth, soft, more permeable, glowing & refreshed.

Politique d'annulation

This is regarding booked spa services only, this does not apply to Spa Parties or special sales events. To avoid a "no show" fee that will be sent via invoice for $25, please call to cancel your appointment at least 24 hours before your appointment. We value your time and pride ourselves on providing our clients with a personalized experience. We take special care to prepare your room for you and require appropriate notification of cancellation. This notice also applies to those with Groupon vouchers who no call no show for their initial and subsequent appointments. After 2nd no call/ no show you can no longer book services with us.


  • Belizima Aesthetics & Wellness, Gunn Highway, Tampa, FL, USA

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